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Yesterday my team went to IHNFA, which is the government housing program/orphanage in Tegucigalpa. We went with Cassie, a 27-year-old from the Indiana who moved to Zion’s Gate 8 months ago to start working with the girls from Los Pinos. Most of their brothers live at the property, but there isn’t a place for the girls to stay so Cassie has to visit them in Los Pinos. The girls love her and it is so cool to watch her interact with them and push them to grow and be better. Her dream is eventually to build a girl’s home on the property so that she can have the girls all the time instead of having to drive 30 minutes to hang out with them.

On Tuesdays she has a bible study with the girls. They pray and read and talk about how God cares about them and is intervening in their lives. Then the three older girls Fani, Jennifer, and Dana go to INHFA on Thursdays and have to teach the girls there what they learned on Tuesday. I love this because she’s not just teaching the girls to be “good people” but she is helping them grow.

The girls that she works with are incredible. They are so fun and loving and open up so quickly. It’s funny that when I spend time with them I feel like I’m just hanging out with some of my friends. Conversation flows smoothly and they joke about almost everything.

I love knowing that Zion’s gate is radically transforming Los Pinos. The kids that they’re working with are going to be a generation that changes things. They are going to be present fathers, loving mothers, and educated citizens. The ministry they do is hard, but its raw and its real and I think it’s the way that Jesus intended ministry to look like.


These are a few of the girls I have gotten close with





Check out Cassie’s blog too:

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